Thursday, July 24, 2008

Recognize this Sight?

This is the sight venerated since the 4th century as the spot where our Lord Jesus was born. Exact spot or not, it is an emotional place to stand and imagine. It is an incredible place to pray and remember.

Strip away all of the marble, silver, gold and art work and you find yourself in a simple cave under the “Church of the Nativity” in Bethlehem. Sometimes we let the trappings of life prevent us from seeing Jesus and ourselves as we should. Perhaps we should all take some time away from our worldliness and see Jesus and His Word the way He intended.

Remember Paul’s words to Timothy, “Jesus came to SAVE sinners.”

Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Mighty Mississippi: Flooding in the Midwest

When we read of the plagues in Egypt during the time of the Exodus, God’s purpose is often overlooked. His goal was to reveal himself as the one and only living God.

So as I sit not 30 miles from the flood devastation in the Mississippi Valley, what am I to think? When I consider the fires in California or the earthquake in China, famines, AIDS, hurricanes and all the evil of men, what am I to think? Could it be that the Almighty is allowing all of this to remind us that the world is temporary and that we need to look to Him for salvation?

There is one certainty: We will not tame this world as it is dying. In her death throes, she will break apart and cause great pain for millions.

The point: We need to look up, and get right.

1 Thessalonians 4-5

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Big Blue Beast

A few months ago, I purchased a beautiful 1990 Ford Econoline conversion van. You might ask, Why? Well, it is the perfect vehicle to haul children, luggage, purchases from Lowe’s, and my family back and forth from the soccer fields.

To be honest, while she looks rough on both the outside and the inside, she has only 95,000 miles on her and she delivers a smooth ride.

Her story is reminiscent of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang — a once-glorious machine resigned to the trash heap. As I look at her, I can almost see a smile on that 19-year-old grill. If I listen closely, I can almost hear her say, “Thanks for not giving up on me. I still have life in me and something to give back. Thanks for letting me be used for what I was made to be.”

Maybe you can relate to this gem out of Detroit. Are you a little beaten up inside and out? Have you had others give up on you? Do you have high mileage? Do you think our Creator can still use you despite all the hurts?

If so, welcome to the battered and bruised crew! Put a smile on your grill because Jesus is still in the restoring business.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A Trip to the Zoological Park

One of my favorite trips is to the zoo. As a young boy I became fascinated by the animals at the St. Louis Zoo. Who isn’t awed by the elephant, giraffe, or the mighty tiger? Penguins and walrus’ are awesome and the great apes are inspiring. What a day to enjoy these majestic animals.

As an adult I’m appalled that evolution has stolen our God’s glory as the mighty Creator and artist of life. Now I admire my God as I admire His handiwork. What a master designer and architect!

Maybe it’s time for a trip to the zoo, Busch Gardens, Sea World, the Marine Science Center, or just a walk in nature. Just don’t forget Genesis 1 as you are on your journey. Don’t lose your sense of awe of our Almighty Creator and Redeemer!

Romans 1