Monday, December 20, 2010

God’s Chosen Season: A Prayer

Here is an inspiring Christmas poem written by John Paul Dollar, an inmate at a Florida correctional institution. John, who has earned a doctorate degree in theology while incarcerated, sends frequent letters of encouragement to me.

God’s Chosen Season: A Prayer

We come now worshiping and praising our New Born King,
With the Angelic Chorus we glorify Him as we shout and sing,
Blessed be Immanuel, God’s chosen one above all things.

We thank you, Father, for your servants you’ve sent our way,
Those who are “Special Men” serving us day by day,
Loving, caring, and guiding your flock along life’s way.

We also come praying a special prayer for Your chosen man,
Pastors and leaders who came according to Your divine plan,
Reflecting Your love and preaching the Gospel upon which they stand.

Thank you Lord for our men You’ve chosen who give their all,
Thank you Lord for our women who support, never wavering nor fall,
Thank you Lord for our Church whose gifts beacon’s the Macedonian call.

God you’ve blessed us richly even beyond our wildest imagination,
We thank you, Father, for your Son who brought us unto salvation,
We love you, honor you, Father, for ’tis the season for His celebration.

May we as your Body, Lord, always come glorifying You this season,
May Christ be returned to Christmas as fully the rightful reason,
We pray this in Jesus’ Blessed Name, Our Savior, Our King of this His richly blessed nation.