Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Wall to Remember

Most of the world calls the massive structure pictured here the Wailing Wall. The Israelis refer to it simply as the western wall. It is located in the Old City of Jerusalem.

Originally, it served as a support wall for a temple area. When the Romans destroyed Jerusalem in 70 and the Muslim armies repeated the devastation through the ages, both groups left this wall as a reminder to the Jewish people of what used to be. It speaks of their conquest.

Ironically, this wall has become a place of prayer and a remembrance of a God who is much larger than blocks.

Interestingly enough, the cross was to have the same impact upon the world. Twenty centuries later, Jesus and the message of the cross have transformed the entire world at one time or another, and will be the final trump card played when Jesus breaks through the eastern sky.

We have to take what this world gives us at times. But we do not have to let these events define us. Jesus said, "My house will be a house of prayer for all nations.”

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Recognize This Sight? Part 2

This will be the last sight on earth for several hundred million people. The truth is that thousands have already departed earth from this valley. It is the valley of Megiddo. It is better known as Armageddon. This site has hosted twenty-six different civilizations through the centuries. Currently the hill is a quiet tourist destination with a fertile valley below.

In Revelation 16:16 we are told that this is where the final confrontation between the Almighty God and mankind will take place. It is a sobering though that God has told us where and how it will end. Just a thought - get right with Jesus and stay right!