Monday, November 21, 2011

Creation Resources

Many of you have asked for further sources and information as we're working through creation in Genesis. I hope you will find these resources helpful as you continue study God's word as it relates to His creation.

Books: (Click on the links to find them on

The Defender’s Study Bible

Case for Creation - Wayne Frair and Percival Davis

The Genesis Flood - John Whitcomb and Henry Morris


Answers in Genesis

Institute for Creation Research

The Creation Museum

Friday, November 18, 2011

Equipping the Saints Update

Gene McCullough recently shared with me about the mission team he led to Equipping the Saints in Weyer's Cave, Virginia this past October. Equipping the Saints helps ministries around the world find the materials and equipment they need at a minimal cost by networking with individuals, businesses and ministries around the U.S. to meet these needs. Whether it's finding and shipping a bus to Chile, medical supplies to the Ukraine, computers to Tajikistan, a road grader to Brazil, shoes to Romania, clothes to Sudan, food for Iranian refugees or projectors to the Philippines, ETS is ready to serve. Read below to hear how the Tomoka team was able to serve ETS on their short-term mission trip.

Each morning of the trip was started with a morning devotional and prayer time conducted by ETS staff members. Afterwards we get our daily assignments from the staff.

Most team members gathered, sorted, and moved approximately 100 computer towers away from a wall so that other team members could install a new electrical circuit on the wall.

The towers were visually inspected, using the guidelines provided by staff, and those deemed serviceable were stored while the others were moved to another area to be stored while the others were moved to another area to be stripped of their hard drives and ram chips and then sent to Goodwill for salvage.

Some team members sorted out new Spanish textbooks and boxed them for shipment overseas. Four pallets of incoming textbooks were unloaded for sorting and repackaging for shipment. Twenty-on boxes were packed and weighed for shipment. Six office copiers were removed from pallets for servicing and reshipment. Team member also sorted, wrapped, and weighed 700lbs of toner for shipment.

Other team members worked on verifying the contact information for all agencies and missionaries listed in the ETS Resource Directory. Medical supplies were sorted, catalogued, and packed for shipment. New supplies and equipment arrives almost daily and needs to be processed. 100 boxes of clothes were sorted and boxed for shipment. 85 internet access boxes were repaired by having the fans replaced, and some hard drives and ram chips installed.

Hundreds of computer cables were sorted, tagged and stored. Flat screen monitors were tested, sorted, and shelved by screen size. Many chairs were removed from a warehouse, sorted and relocated for sale shipment. Severely damaged ones were prepared for recycling.

Hundreds of printer cartridges were inventoried, sorted, and shelved. 30 retractable wall maps were checked for usability and stored for future sale. .

One of the full time missionaries had a broken window and that was repaired by team members.

Additional electrical circuits were installed by three of the team members.

We always return from these trips to ETS feeling that we have been blessed by visiting, helping, and encouraging the missionaries at Equipping the Saints.

If you would like to find out about you can serve on the Equipping the Saints mission team next year, please contact Gene McCullough at

Click here to visit the Equipping the Saints website.